Indeed, social commentary has always been a critical aspect of The Hieroglyphics’ material, its members all having grown up in an era where early rap music was, as Tajai explains, “more reflective of an anti/countercultural point of view.” This is clearly evident in the “Gun Fever” video, the message of which Tajai acknowledges has become more politicized, poignant and provocative “because of the current climate of the country.” Arresting, engaging and thought-provoking subject matter continue to drive The Hieroglyphics to do what they do, and Tajai admits there’s no easy solution to this dangerous facet of our culture, “Pandora’s box is open…life is cheap now…I wish I could be a pacifist, but I’ve been raised in American society and Oakland society where violence is real.”

Watch The Hieroglyphics “Gun Fever” video here:

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