The perception of a traveling band to someone who has never been in one, seems glamorous and adventurous. Truth is, it is rarely glamorous but often adventurous. The stories are endless, you have to live it to understand. However, I’m sure we have all been in this predicament at one point or another.

The rain was relentless pounding on the streets like needles through a pin cushion. The temperature was dropping and our clunker decided it was not going to crank. Our hearts sank. It felt like we were stuck in a horror movie, looking at all our equipment and thinking of the show we needed to get it to; a sense of defeat fell over us like the rain spilling on the van’s windshield.

Here we were, stuck in a dingy hotel room in the middle of no where, in a foreign country about 30 kilometers from our gig. We had no idea where we were or how to get to where we needed to be and time was running out.

It was on all our minds, the work, time and energy that we put into getting to this point and playing this show was crucial for our musical careers and now we were about to miss it due to no transportation, poor weather conditions and being we’re all starving artists, a very limited supply of money. In a moment of desperation we started searching the web for anything or anyone that could help. We discovered

It asked what we needed to transport, where we needed to get it too then searched the web for available transportation for literally half the costs. It was quick easy and efficient and it turned a bleak situation into an enjoyable experience. The light at the end of the tunnel was starting to shine through the darkness. The most remarkable thing about the whole situation was the solution did not break our bank.

We made it to the event with time to spare, there was no damage to our equipment and we performed like our lives depended on it and we rocked the house. That night was the beginning of a prosperous musical career for our band. Now we make a comfortable living playing music and we travel around the world. Still to this day we remember the events of that night. How a simple twist of fate had changed our lives for the better, forever.

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