Tryezz – Atmospheres (Art of the Scenic Groove)


Finding expression through both sonic and visual mediums, the artist known as Tryezz operates with the motto “always a student.” This is a good motto to live by, as people can always stand to attain further mastery in the art or craft they practice.

Tryezz believes that “there’s always something to learn…always something new to be discovered.” The latest pursuit of this perpetual student is the album Atmospheres, a highly energetic mix of music scattering currents of electronic funk.
“Coastlines” has enough bass to thump your car into oncoming traffic.  

“Sights and Sounds” has more shake than bass. There seems something vaguely Latin about this track.

“Endless Blue” is more about groove. Certain moments seem to enter the key of funk.

“Timelapse” is pretty chill, but in a lively sort of way.

“Magic View” is a cool title. Makes me feel like I’m high up in some building, looking out at some interesting part of town. Around 1:30 there begins some real sonic experimentation. Same to be said for the period beginning at 2:20.


“Pacific Time” is dance-ready in any time zone. I’m especially partial to the part that begins around 1:50.

I have no clue what “Market and 4th” means, but I can appreciate the funkiness.

Around 0:18 into the track “Mostly Groovin’” there begins this contagious little jingle that evolves into something highly electric. As the song approaches the 2-minute mark, things get more percussive. This would be a damn good song to crank while you work out. Very conducive to movement. Same could be said for the “Extra Track” at the album’s end, which has some groovy hooks about midway through.

Eleven tracks observed, and not a single lyric to discern. Atmospheres strives for pure musical expression, without the help of a single word to speak of. This is never an easy task.

Dance-friendly and quintessentially urban, Atmospheres could stay modern for the next fifty years.

The website ( is worth a look just for the visual imagery. Very kinetic indeed.

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