Riff Action Family – “Doors”


From the longstanding cultural bastion of Russia’s Saint Petersburg comes Riff Action Family, a band formed in 2009 when, like nihilist radicals of a bygone era, they met in a coffee shop. Instead of political subversion, however, they plotted to perpetrate a brooding alternative rock.

Legend has it that the band’s first rehearsal was also its last, as they decided: “We won’t rehearse!” Now, this is usually not a wise career move. But the members of Riff Action Family had such extensive performing experience (sharing venues with metal sultans Ozzy and Iron Maiden) that they more or less figured what the hell: “We’ll just perform and record albums.”

Now we have their single, “Doors.” It begins with a clean guitar riff. Soon there arrives a voice of melancholy. It seems that, with this speaker, somebody else’s problems have become his own: “You are bleeding on my floor / Your pain knocks at my door.”

There’s this mention of tapeworms: “Tapeworms are unfaithful to me all night long.” I could very well be incorrect here, but my conjecture is that these “tapeworms” are metaphorical, and refer to the human that our speaker feels is acting like a parasitic entity towards him.

The single’s YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8Euu8poVYM) has some rather memorable images, much of which involves some scantily clad Svetlana. One of these ladies slams down the booze like Boris Yeltsin. Another fondles her own boobooshkas. Man, I wish I spent a semester in Russia.  

One guy in the video comes upon his leggy devotchka in a compromising position with another dude. From a neutral party perspective, this is a pretty enjoyable sight, but the guy (the one not doing the compromising) doesn’t seem to take it too well.

Another guy vomits out confetti. Ah, I get it: the vomited confetti represents tapeworms!   Both video and song are professionally rendered, and ready for combat.

Derive your own meaning(s) at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/doors/id623198517?i=623198630

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