eM, In Our Thoughts


The Dance-Pop Diva from Down Under has rose to the occasion once again with her new single “In Our Thoughts”.   I have had the pleasure & opportunity to work with eM many times now and I have to be honest when I say she keeps getting better & better with each new release!   It’s scary to think that this multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer probably hasn’t even scratched the surface yet.

“In Our Thoughts” is the featured track off of her latest EP ‘Encore’ which was released last month through Hypnotik Sound.   This isn’t the average eM-style song by any means due to many contributing factors.   For one, the total running time on this track is much shorter than eM’s average length making it 100% radio-friendly.   I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this aspect because the long running times were something that I had mentioned & pointed out in past reviews.   Next, this song is like no other eM song I’ve heard to this point because it really packs a punch both musically & vocally.  

“In Our Thoughts”:

The listener will hear the usual dance hooks that eM is famous for but that isn’t even close to the focal point here.   What stands out for me are the lyrics that talk about less fighting and more loving which sounds a bit cliché but so true for today’s rough ‘n’ tumble society.   And eM captures these feelings wonderfully by singing with such conviction and in turn making this a very believable performance.

Furthermore, there is even a video for “In Our Thoughts” on YouTube that has surpassed 70,000 views in just four weeks and continues to climb!   And the video adds even more to the allure of the song by supplying gripping imagery that will definitely make one stop and think.   Images of war and soldiers in battle with atom bomb flashed across the screen are just some of the vivid details the viewer will pick up on.   And all the while eM is standing tall with such a serious demeanor & presence as she sings from the heart.   Here are just some of the powerful words spoken from eM’s mouth: “It’s in our blood to fight…It’s our human race”.   “It only takes a second to open your heart…to tear it apart”.   “Imagine if the world was right, where there’s no crying again”.  

In light of what happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday where spineless cowards took it upon themselves to plant explosives near the finish line in hopes of injuring & killing others, the innocent bystanders affected by this senseless act are “In Our Thoughts” & in our prayers.   We need to stop the madness NOW and realize that never-ending peace & love should always be “In Our Thoughts” and in our hearts.    

You can buy eM’s latest single along with the EP ‘Encore’ on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Trackitdown, Juno download, Emusic and Spotify among others. Also, feel free to SKOPE out the highly potent video right here and you can find out more about the Australian artist at: www.mzzem.com. eM ain’t playin’ around AT ALL on “In Our Thoughts” and neither should we.

By Jimmy Rae

Rating: 5/5

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