Last fall, Marshall Crenshaw announced his launch of a subscription whereby his fans could receive a series of three 10-inch vinyl EPs, each of which would include a new A-side backed with a cover song and a remake of a song from his earlier career. The EP I Don’t See You Laughing Now kicked off the series last November on Record Store Day’s Back to Black Friday, garnering both critical acclaim and a wave of news stories on the new business model.
Crenshaw will release a second EP, Stranger and Stranger, in a limited edition of blue vinyl, to brick-and-mortar retail on Record Store Day (April 20, 2013) with an official release date of May 7, 2013. The EP contains the title track, a cover of the Carpenters’ “Close To You,” and a remake of his own “Mary Anne,” which he originally recorded in 1982.

Those wishing to subscribe to Crenshaw’s vinyl releases may do so at, with a subscription link at

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