Hey here this is Dz with Skope magazine’s very own Galilee. As a   published musician, songwriter and producer, Galilee is the electronic alter-ego of DiGDuGDisaster, finding some love in experimenting with heavy underground electronic grooves. Now we see the little bit of the creative mind whom we call Galilee.

DZ: In your process of various underground releases, how did you wind up as Galilee?

GALILEE: I’ve released tracks under a variety of names but Galilee has a nice vibe to it, and I decided it’s one I’d like to stick with. Also it insinuates a calmness, and I’ve been trying to balance the darker tones with ambience and beauty, not just noise and chaos.

[youtube cmZYN2Prw5s]

DZ: What has the ever evolving adventure into electronic music for you been like?

GALILEE: I’ve been creating electronic music on and off since ’97, even playing in the industrial group Naked Lunch prior to that, which influenced the heavier and darker sounds that I generally start out with, then I’ll go back and refine the track and add melody and see where it takes me. What I love about this type of music is that it really can go in any direction, I like to employ different subgenres into a song. I am definitely no purist. Those people are boring, and it shows in their art or whatever you want to call it. I get inspired by people that incorporate new ideas into a defined “category”. Somewhere, sometime, someone will experiment and take things too far and we’ll have a new type of music. That’s what I’d eventually like to strive for as I evolve.

DZ: DiGDuGDisaster is your indie rock moniker. What inspired the new changes from DigDugDisaster to Galilee in the process making one genre of music over another?

GALILEE: I’ll always be rock-n-roll at heart, I grew up on it and worked hard at becoming a proficient guitarist. But, this is a completely different type of outlet for me as a creative person. And it’s fun for me as well.

DZ: Now talk about the your latest single “SideWinder”.

GALILEE: The “Sidewinder” single with the B-side track “Wishing” is actually an introduction to an upcoming e.p. titled “Robot Arms”, which will be out around May 2013. Sidewinder includes 3 mixes of the track, plus Wishing, which is a sort of dupstep/dance track.

DZ: You have a video for the B-side track “Wishing”. How did that come about?

GALILEE: The talented ShpongledHoops is doing some amazing hula hoop dancing and motions in a warehouse, I’m not sure how to describe what she does, but there will be hoops. I decided to let her choose what song to perform to and she chose “Wishing”. So there you have it. Right now we’re still editing and adding to it.

DZ: What are some big upcoming projects for you?

GALILEE: I recently signed to VOD Recordings for distribution, and it’s for both of my ‘personalities’ so I have the upcoming “Robot Arms” e.p. coming up, and then a DiGDuGDisaster e.p., and I will rotate between the two, we have at least 4 planned releases so far this year, probably more. I’m also working with a couple of publishing companies, getting my songs into film and commercial placements is important to me for exposure. It’s also one of the better ways to earn an income as a modern musician/artist/whatever…

DZ: What has it been like for you as an overall modern musician? From song conception to rocking the stage?

GALILEE: Being independent and active takes a lot of determination, time and patience. There’s a ton of work involved, but performing live is always a reward of sorts. At this stage, my main focus is on writing and recording material.

DZ: Any advice to upcoming artists?

GALILEE: Stay true to yourself and don’t follow trends or you’ll end up chasing the wind. Music, like clothing, falls in and out of fashion so fast you can never keep up, so just do what you do… it’ll come around eventually.

DZ: Great! Anything else you want to let the people reading know?

GALILEE: YES! please visit me @ there’s free stuff there too. Thanx.

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