Troy Lindsey, Love Don’t Come From Blood


Troy Lindsey, who was taught guitar by a Wyoming preacher, has seen the world like few other people. I mean this quite literally: Mr. Lindsey has worked on sky cranes at locations all over our planet. The vast lot of us can only guess as to what views he has beheld, and how they may have colored his imagination, and influenced his music.

Presumably returning to ground level, he has released the album Love Don’t Come From Blood. And, yes, the songs can sound every bit as brooding as the title.

[youtube xjJb5HAtkbQ]

The track, “No Love,” offers an ominous-sounding arrangement of acoustic guitar chords.

One pictures a lonesome, itinerant character navigating a path to nowhere: “My soul grows tired of the road.”

The speaker evidently lives on the margins of society: “This highway life goes so fast / In every town that I pass.”

Some piano in the background provides a nice touch.

“Corners” is a faster paced song, though the emotions remain gloomy. There’s also some hard-edged electric guitar, showing stellar ability.

The track, “No Purpose in Time,” features a female vocalist. Her appearance is quite a jolt after having grown used to Lindsey’s voice, which is as rugged and manly as a truck stop fistfight.

His vocals jibe excellently with the track, “Blood Brothers.” The female voice appears as well, and the two take turns with the lyrics:

“You made a decision / But you didn’t follow through.”

Given the song’s title, I can imagine there will be grim consequences!

“You’ve gotta be taught to show your love.”

Seems my hunch might be correct.

The arrangement of guitar chords once again does a swell job in conveying a mood of despondency.

Have you ever been riding on the interstate, when you see some godforsaken soul walking all weary on the roadside? That’s the kind of person I picture when listening to Lindsey’s songs.

Through this album, there emerges an unsentimental compassion, directed at those who’ve had their asses kicked by life.

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