After releasing their Facedown Records debut album The Absolute, Christian metalcore outfit Ace Augustine seemed to fall off the face of the earth. Then last summer the band reemerged from the depths with their announcement of signing with Red Cord Records. Up until this point, the band had gone through two rounds of member changes, a break up, and was dealing with a lot of angry and confused fans.

[youtube 7g_1k2TT494]

Those fans can now rejoice as The Sick and Suffering is tentatively set for an April release on Red Cord Records. As a present to their loyal fans who have stuck around throughout all of this, the band just released their music video for their first single entitled ‘Mannequins’ on YouTube. Vocalist and guitarist Tyler Chadwick commented on the single by saying, “After some discussions, we decided to release ‘Mannequins’ because we all felt that it was a song that really showed the variety that our new album would have. It has some heavier parts but it also has one of the best chorus’ we’ve ever written.”

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