Surefire, Another Take On The Same Difference 2.0


We have been talking about five, four, three and even two-piece bands that manage to create something to remember. Something that will stick in our brains and will stay there for a while. However, with technology and everything, one individual is able to create what normally all these people work their asses off to come out with… that’s called talent, and that’s something we find in Surefire.

After all the members left and followed their own road, there was only one member left, Peter Hung. He left their old sound and changed it for something more along the lines of Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys, which you can feel right away in each of the tracks, especially “By The Streetlight” and “Say It Like You Mean It.” Here catchy and melodic guitar riffs combine with awesome drum beats and great bass lines with special vocals by Peter himself. It will surely get you up and dancing. “Another Take of the Same Difference 2.0” is a record that will just cheer you up right away.

“Weekend War Song” is everything but about sorrow and battles. Once again we find this contagious moreso than catchy sound that will literally empower our body and possess us with fun lyrics and a rhythm that is really entertaining.

In conclusion, get your boots ready and your fists in the air, and in just minutes be prepared to go wild. Everything in this record is planned to just make you lose control.

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Rating: 5/5

Review by RJ Frometa
Edited by Marion Lougheed

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