Thrill Jockey is proud to announce that Barn Owl will be releasing their fifth album, simply titled V this April. The album marks a shift in the band’s approach, emphasizing electronic and synthesized sound over the desert guitar drone of their previous releases. Get a taste of the new approach by checking out a live video of “Void Redux,” recorded at the Thrill Jockey 20th Anniversary celebration in Portland last November.

Watch/Share Barn Owl – “Void Redux (Live at TJ20)”

Barn Owl recorded V with Phil Manley at LCR in their native San Francisco during the cold and foggy summer of 2012. Working with electronics allowed the duo more freedom to create the album layer by layer, designing each sound and each section individually. Porras and Caminiti utilized the huge timbral range of synthesizers to augment the already massive and vitally physical sounds they have achieved with guitars and effects. V is the most complex and diverse album by Barn Owl to date.

Barn Owl will be play select US cities, including Feb. 9th at ATA in San Francisco, and tour the UK and Europe extensively this spring.

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