T-360, “The Future”


Philadelphia’s T-360 has maintained a lifelong fascination with and longtime involvement in the entertainment industry. Running a nightclub while in college, he later worked with Island Def Jam, before managing a rap artist. Then along came an individual known as

“The Coach,” who altered T-360’s path from behind-the-scenes roles to actual performing.

Taking his act to Coney Island this past June, T-360 performed “Pushy Mama,” a rap-dance track full of social commentary, satirizing the ongoing materialism of a certain class of women (politically correct disclaimer: by no means every woman).

As T-360 says: “A pushy mama is the idea of a high maintenance woman, her motivation, lifestyle, and attitude.”

With the pushy mama apparently satisfied (at least for today), now comes the release of “The Future.” Oozing with nightclub exuberance, a pulsating electronic contagion runs rampant with traces of hip hop.

“The Future:

“Out on your own, school loans…” It seems this remarks on the enlightened poverty (or unenlightened poverty) of recent college grads — who tonight will bring their troubles to the dance floor: “take control of the future / but tonight we’re gonna let it go.”


At least there’s good company: “My friends are here with me tonight.” This convivial atmosphere is apt to last “till the morning light.” It seems the nightlife festivity will cure (or at least block out) the financial pressures of (young) adulthood.

“The Future” sustains a consistently perky beat. About 3 minutes in, the arrival of some hip hop licks provides a nifty addition, as do the infectious synthesizer riffs towards the end.

A parting suggestion is to not “cheat the fun.”

So how do you feel about ‘the future’? Get a glimpse at: http://t360music.com/

Ray Cavanaugh – owleyesgatsby@yahoo.com

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