It’s somewhat bizarre at times how much multimedia is tearing our young children in two different directions. On the one hand you have numerous shows, programs, and outing ideas designed to nurture a developing brain. On the other hand, you also have a lot of things designed to infantile our youth, with no real benefit other than keeping them happy for a little while.

Nowhere is this more apparent than music. Most “children bands” may try to put messages into their songs, but from the perspective of broadening a child’s music appreciation they are worthless. Thankfully there’s a very simple solution; give them grown up music instead.

Rock and roll gets a bad rap at times, and admittedly in the case of some bands and sub-genres it’s appropriate. There are a lot of bands and songs out there that no sane parent would bring their children to. Clean rock on the other hand is a great way to get children interested in real music. The best part is that clean rock isn’t really a sub-genre of rock, but rather is a super category that all family appropriate songs fall into.

Everything from soft rock to heavy metal can fall into the realms of children friendly depending on the band, though of course you’re going to see a lot more clean songs of the former than the latter! Just setting it up so your child can listen to some real music that’s still appropriate for their age group can be rewarding in and of itself, but it will also help them develop their own tastes and opinions that will carry them into their adult life.

Though simply listening to clean rock can be great for a child, the real value it holds is in a family outing. All the adults will love some The Who tickets, while the children will, too. Compared to everyone suffering through juvenile children songs for the benefit of the youngest in the family it’s like night and day. It will also give the children a great experience to cling to when they grow older.

They will remember the time they got to see The Who and were first introduced to the world of music far more fondly than the time they went to a kid’s concert their parents had to suffer through. Even ignoring the future entirely, clean rock is simply a superior form of music. Even the younger members of your family will see that, and will love a concert all the more because it talks to them as people and not children.

Rock and roll is a national pastime, not some adults only club we must keep our children safe from at all costs. Having our children embrace clean rock and roll will help them find their own identity. It will also give them something to bond over with their parents, which is the aim of any family outing. Tickets to a clean rock concert for the whole family can lead to an unforgettable experience.

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