Failed relationships seem to spawn such drama. Aren’t they just another path to finding   oneself? Unsuddenly, a post-rock collaboration with Will James, Andrea Longato and Sander Van Dijck (aka Casilofi), explores this possibility in their first single, “You Let Me Down”. Dreamy, layered synths and chiming guitar accompany James’ rich baritone, which both soars and resonates on this track. The lyrics touch all the expectations and disappointments people feel when in love.   But James sings the chorus, “you let me down,” in an   uplifted way and     with a strong message that   “looking for someone to save me makes us both lose”. Break-up and failure might just   be a door opening…if we can find it

Check out “You Let Me Down” now: https://soundcloud.com/unsuddenly/you-let-me-down

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