Surefire, Another Take on the Same Difference 2.0 EP


From the churning bowels of Boston’s indie scene comes Surefire, an outfit led by 22-yr-old Taiwanese expat Peter Hung.

Having undergone a recent makeover, the band has emerged with an EP called Another Take on the Same Difference 2.0. This unholy trinity of raucous tracks will sure add some spike to the punch bowl.

Track 1, “Weekend War Song,” is an utterly festive affair, bolstered by an infectious guitar solo. And the lyrics? They are unabashedly carpe diem: “I want to dance all night…ready to live a short life before I die…I want to misbehave, not my house anyway, I am ready to make another mistake.”

[youtube -djSJwy494Y]

The words are sung in a rather offbeat way that many may find appealing. Switching notes in an unpredictable, staccato-like fashion, the vocals can go from partially muted to a quasi-scream at the drop of a bar chord.

Track 2, “Say it Like You Mean it,” is quite reminiscent of Weezer. Again, a fine guitar solo is laid down, not to mention the apt jazzy rock intro.

Track 3, “By the Street Light,” starts off pretty heavy, and could almost be the intro to a long lost Guns n’ Roses tune (is Chinese Democracy out yet?)
“What lies behind the door / is a world you can’t afford…So someone please just tell me what’s the point / and where’s the joint.”

Indeed! Brings me straight back to those liberal arts days of stunted metaphysical inquiry.

Though the EP’s themes may not be especially profound, the lyrics are engaging, and paint a rather humorous portrait of late adolescent mock tragedy.

Various age demographics could enjoy this EP, but these three tracks seem especially well suited for the college rock scene. They make a delightful soundtrack to the petty dramas of young adulthood.

No need for prescriptions — Surefire gives a swell musical anodyne for the Quarter-Life Crisis. So track down this EP, then break out that brilliant mixed drink recipe you stole from your friend.

Come January 23, the EP will be available at:

Hard copy CDs and a promo tour are in the works.
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