Review of Shadowplay “Visions” LP

Every band strives for that timeless hit. That track, or tracks, that will last longer than a fad, but for an endless period of time. Some come close, or have one track that fits the mold. With “Visions”, the New Jersey rockers Shadowplay have managed to put together a collection of timeless hits. With elements of classic rock from the 60’s and 70’s, modern styles of the 80’s and 90’s and exuberance and youth of the 21st century, these young artists have got something all should be aware of. A sound that can easily live in any of the rock eras stated.

Visions has a collection of songs that vary in styles and realms of rock music. But have a core that can truly only be called Shadowplay music. With feeling and emotion driven lyrics. front-man Andrew Corkery exudes rock star with his stage presence while belting out such tracks like “Dark Hour” and “Like a Phoenix”. With a style that is much more aged than his 20 years. With a sound reminiscent of Ian Astbury (The Cult) and a great range, he brings the listener into the journey each track tells a story of. With Phoenix Holden’s axe grinding out such masterful solos and riffs, twisting around the beat bass driven music of Tim Bear, John Sellers and Ed Flynn respectively. Together, all encompass the sound that makes Shadowplay sound so well beyond their years.

Though most of the tracks from “Visions” are much older than the album which debuted first from the bands website through free stream on Halloween 2012, this collection of songs is now ready to take on a life of their own as it is released as a whole. With much fanfare from around the world, each track has found a home in every listener. Not set out as a concept album, each of the tracks seems to tell a story from each of the band members that may vary from one another. Set on by the dynamic of Shadowplay themselves, this collection of tracks is fitting for the band as a first release. It truly encompasses the sound the band wish to bring about as their own. With touches of familiarity, yet a new sound that can only be described as Shadowplay music. From the opening track Dystopia, as the albums introduction, to the finale of Ides of March, whether planned or not, Visions tells the story of Shadowplay the band. Adding in that timeless tag to the album, this band has arrived, and it’s Visions is only the first step.

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By L.White

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