With the plethora of web-based publicity and promotion services available to musicians today, many of the “old school” techniques have fallen by the wayside.   The times indicate that somewhat of a “cyber-overload” is taking place in the industry.

Grit, LLC’s founder, Laurena Marrone, has been in the music business since the late 80s and has worked for both major labels and independent distributors. She recognizes the need and importance of personalized follow up with each contact.   “Email boxes are overloaded with blasts these days and it’s hard to stand out amongst the crowd.   By following up personally with each contact, consistently, you have a much greater chance of gaining coverage or airplay.”

Identifying a void in the market, especially for independent musicians, Grit, LLC has just announced a “Personalized Follow Up Package” as part of its services.   The package can be used by artists with an ongoing or recently completed Internet-based campaign with any company.   Through years of experience with varied personal contact approaches, the Grit, LLC team will do the legwork for you, at a very minimal cost.

“Follow up is often the key to success,” says Marrone. “Many of the techniques we used in the publicity and promotion fields prior to the Internet’s existence are becoming relevant once again.”   And while Marrone clearly acknowledges that the industry will stay dominantly digitally based, she also recognizes that relying solely on digital platforms may not provide the level of success an artist may be able to achieve from a campaign.

Because most artists don’t have the time to follow up with the contacts who receive their music, they often get overlooked.   Following up takes time that artists typically don’t have to spare.

“I equate personalized follow up to putting your music out on itunes, and then not letting your fans know that it has been released,” explains Marrone. “That extra step is often lacking in many campaigns.”

Recently, one of Grit, LLC’s “out of the box” techniques was praised by the prominent industry blog,


The company prides itself on creative approaches to gain results for its clients.

The “Personalized Follow Up Package” is available now at under the “Services” tab, where you can also find out more about Grit, LLC’s other offerings.

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