On November 14th, Mixify.com a site that bridges the gap between DJs and EDM fans worldwide–will officially leave beta and launch to the general public.   Mixify is an interactive live-streaming platform where DJs broadcast into virtual venues to fans around the world.   DJs can stream their sets from physical events (like festivals) or release pre-recorded mixes, which EDM fans can enjoy from anywhere, anytime.

With the rapid growth in popularity of EDM as a genre globally, Mixify delivers an opportunity for fans, emerging DJs and established DJs alike to discover each other and connect.   Mixify is social in nature, with an emphasis on engagement, valuable analytics and the visually-branded experience.   Essentially, the platform translates the traditional DJ format into a virtual one, allowing DJs to showcase their latest mixes in a live setting, while fans party, chat and provide real-time feedback in an environment that is true to the culture.


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