In celebration of The Day of the Dead, American indie band Foreign Home has posted a music video for “Catholic Guilt.” The song is the first single from their debut, How Strange the Night.   Through unconventional story telling, avant garde artist Joey Hambrick has created an unnerving tail of a young woman spiraling out of control while unknowingly being stalked by a mad man.

[youtube ucWY_1jYhR0]

Joey’s view of the project is that…   “The Catholic Guilt video uses multiple film stocks and unorthodox processing techniques to create a VHS look that is inspired in equal part by Dario Argento and direct-to-video slasher films from the 80’s. The song references religious systems the ways they shape our ideas of self and our relationships with others. The murky lo-fi look of the video draws a direct parallel to this, invoking visual themes of something latent and neglected. The feeling of returning to something that once meant so much to you but has been long forgotten.”

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