Releasing the first visual from his recently released EP, “The Wonderful World of Jermaine Liriano”, Uni V Sol brings the track LOVELY, directed by Jose Santiago, to life with a futuristic love-story theme. As two robots, one of which is keen to appear more human like fall in love, in the premier video from Uni V Sol’s latest endeavor, their feelings for each other can’t be denied and their true personalities shine through.

[youtube WGw2W9-I6z8]

“I wanted the video to take on a Max Headroom like theme where I, as the male robot, was uncomfortable showing my love and yet my love interest was happy being both in love and showing her love for me,” Uni V Sol explains. ” Everyone knows robots can’t feel so when the male robot tries to control the emotions he has picked up he attempts to tackle more human behavior and starts acting funny, kind of like how guys tend to get when they fall for a girl. Their heads get messed up and they start acting funny.”

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