MTV Geek! called it “simply a great idea!” when it was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past January.   Now consumers can see, and hear, for themselves as Boomphones officially launch August 28th, 2012 with their Phantom model – the world’s 1st headphones that can transform into a boombox with the push of a button. Boomphones are now available for pre-order exclusively online at

Boomphones have the portable power and multifunctional appeal to revolutionize the way people listen to, and share music.   Designed with four speakers — two on the inside and two on the outside — Boomphones are the ultimate two-in-one audio experience, perfect for traveling, parties, exercising and anything in-between.   LED lights show which mode is in action: glowing white when Boomphones are internally amplified, red when the bomb icon is pressed to blast the external speakers in boombox mode.

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