Aspiring Indie-Rock musicians already have a tough time trying to get their act off the ground. Booking gigs, selling cd’s and T-shirts, and keeping the audience’s attention for more than 15 minutes is hard enough. With the constant connection of social media and the need to be streamed, tagged, and tweets, up-and-comers of the stage have even more to try to handle. When it comes to marketing, one important thing that indie musicians need to do to promote their work is to make sure they do not make the most common marketing mistakes. Put down the six-string and close the music composition software, and heed these tips!


Ignoring the audience

While it may sound like a good idea to create funny videos, there is a good chance that an Indie musician’s audience may not take to this type of video. When you are creating marketing material make sure that it is relevant for those who you hope to reach. Music should be created for the audience you are targeting and if you are uncertain about their taste in comedy, it’s best to avoid promoting a funny video as it may turn off some potential followers and groupies.

Ignoring success in other industries

Marketing techniques are often flexible enough to cross over various marketplaces. While marketing Indie music may not be the same as marketing legal services or bakeries, it does not mean the same methods will not work. Having a broad marketing plan that encompasses traditional media, social networking and blogging can be effective for nearly any entity. Video blogs and concert clips placed on YouTube and other online video sites may also attract potentially new markets for your music.

Ignoring the facts of business

One critical mistake that many musicians make is ignoring the entrepreneurial side of what they are trying to accomplish. Like all small business owners, Indie musicians must be able to solve problems, juggle multiple tasks and identify their markets. Keep the fact that you are an entrepreneur and problem solver in mind at all times. Your music may be the answer to a problem!

Staying in a rut

As musician trying to get noticed at all costs, Indie rockers should avoid falling into more ruts than they’re already in. One of the challenges musicians face is not changing with the marketplace. Music listeners tastes change over time and if you do not change with them, your audience will remain stagnant. Keeping abreast of what is going on with various music genres can help you keep your music fresh, and help grow the audience for your business.

Over promotion

Yes, over-promotion can be as bad as under-promotion! The Internet has made promoting through social media outlets far more common than it has been in the past, and this trend is continuing to grow. However, if the only thing you ever share on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed is your latest concert video or your newest single, you’re going to turn some people off. Being aggressive is all good and well; just don’t flood the web with your presence. Have people be willing to search for you.

There is little doubt that Indie musicians have their own way of doing things. In fact, like most entrepreneurs, they fight against the “normal” convention and dedicate their lives to music. If you can avoid these common marketing mistakes, you can find yourself swept out of obscurity and center stage with your music.

By: Willie Bryant – Willie studied at a culinary school in Chicago and now does freelance work in the food and entertainment industry. He’s also a (very frustrated) Cubs fan.

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