NEW SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE MUSIC INDUSTRY (Every Song Has A Chance), a new social networking platform set to change the face of the music industry, launches today. This new platform offers undiscovered talent an opportunity to expose their music, and have fans rate the music they like. Eshac gives music lovers the opportunity to shape the future of music as fans have access to a rating system, allowing them to comment, review, and rate artists and bands. Once an artist reaches a certain level of popularity as measured by their ratings, then they automatically get a record deal.

The idea behind Eshac is to allow musicians and music fans to drive the music industry, not record label executives. is unique because of the amount of control the users have. According to Eshac’s founder, Ben Bechar, “Currently, there are only a small number of people who decide what music gets signed and played, and a lot of the time it’s only down to who has the right connections. People aren’t always getting signed for the right reasons, and I knew that there was a solution to make the system much more transparent. The solution was to give the music fans the ability to decide who gets signed.”

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