Kaotik, The Awakening

Most would agree most popular artists out there have something truly special to give to their fans. This goes above the typical attributes like raw talent, amazing songs, nice voice, or even a very marketable look, sound & image. There’s something truly infectious at the core of these artists that simply makes us feel good when we listen to them. Whatever “it” is — they all seem to have “it”.

About the Artist: Today I listened to the latest CD from Tennessee based rapper Kaotik (Awakening) released in 2012. Venturing to the Internet I get the impression this guy is a diamond in the rough and is making quite a name for himself regionally via his own unique signature sound and passionate messages. He has received much in the way of critical acclaim from music critic everywhere. One writer said this about Kaotik “It could be said that Kaotik walks the same poetic roads that Tupac Shakur once traveled, wrestling with his own vulnerability within a world and a musical genre that demands hyper-masculinity on a 24/7 basis.” OK now do I have your attention.

Review: From start to finish this CD from Kaotik is a very entertaining and a professional musical statement from start to finish. It covers a lot of ground with many Rap, Hip Hop flavors. Any fans of any of these many musical styles will enjoy this latest release from Kaotik. It’s clearly marketed for those who like the male fronted rap persona of say classic Outkast, Nas, Jay-Z, Tupac, and even a splash of Biggie Smalls. Kaotik holds his own behind the microphone, and is a world class songwriter. The plethora of musical professionals he brings to the table (Producers and Performers) only adds fuel to the fire. This includes Villainhero, Steelbillyosis, Dansonn & Epistra, Sinima, Grago, MJ Drama of Trackofficialz, Will Shine, Exile, Valley, Eurostartz, Rapidfly and Bravestarr just to name a few. This along with his marketable writing and impressive performances make for a deadly combination via a fully loaded 20 track set. Kaotik is clearly being himself as an artist and not trying to be some over the top entertainer striving for mass appeal via shock factor. What am I trying to say? He’s one rapper that is not trying too hard to make a point. In Kaotik is one rapper that can be powerful yet positive all at the same time. Favorite tracks include Track 4 (II Bet), Track 2 (Only Thang Pop’n) feat Villianshero and Track 17 (My Queen). All pieces have an amazing feel and solid production value delivering thick low end groove and crystal clear high end clarity. The sampling and production touches are rock solid and just makes the whole CD enjoyable. All in all one of the best rap productions I’ve heard this year.  

Weakness: None

Conclusion: Again I see Kaotik as a strong contender with his infectious persona, silky rap flow and amazing signature sound. This latest release showcases 20 hot to the touch tracks. Each one marketable with their own right. If the masses tap into Kaotik’s messages it could be like pouring gasoline on a fire. As time goes by he will no doubt see what happens, but in the mean time it’s nice to know in this saturated market of music there is one rapper out there who remains true to himself since he was 9 years old. In close most famous artists out there have “it” I’m not so sure what it but Kaotik definitely has whatever “it” may be.

Michael Morrison edited by Cyrus Rhodes of IMD Media Group
(UK) West Lothian, Scotland

URL – http://www.iamkaotik.com

[Rating: 5/5]

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