Taylen is a young singer/songwriter from Australia. At the young age of 15 she is poised for success and will not stop until her mission is accomplished. The amazing thing about being young is every experience is the first and Taylen is a sponge taking it all in and making her dream a reality one step at a time. She may be young but she has a clear vision of who she is, what she will become and how to get to where she is going.

It is amazing to me how driven she is at such a young age. It is as if she was born to be an entertainer. I think it takes a certain personality to be a singer/songwriter. We are definitely our own breed. We walk through life with eyes wide open and seize every opportunity like it will be the last one. Taylen is no different and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

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Everyone has to start somewhere and when asked what her vision for her music career is she stated without hesitation, she wants to come to America and play at Madison Square Garden. I always say why waste your time dreaming little dreams when you can dream big. She seems to have a good grasp on that idea and I believe we will be seeing her up on that stage before you have finished saying her name.

I asked what made her want to be a musician and she said, “What really made me want to be a musician/songwriter was when I started to pay attention to music. It became something that I fell in love with. The way songs told a story, and I always wanted to tell my stories to others. But what topped it off was when I started singing lessons. It taught me to be aware of whom I wanted to be. It was a comfortable place for me. I saw no other path than this one”.

She soon took this new found self and started creating her sound. She absorbed everything music. She lived it and learned from every step. This inevitably made her realize she had a voice. One she wanted to share with the world.

I asked what message she wanted to convey through her music and she answered, “The message I’m hoping to convey, is to be you. I write what I feel. It’s my way of revealing my emotions without having to feel vulnerable. I want to have fun with it and I hope that when people hear my music they also want to have fun”.

Well her music is definitely fun. A lot of times when you have a young artist starting out they build their confidence to a point they feel they no longer need to learn anything. Taylen knows every day is a learning experience and she is determined to keep her mind open so she doesn’t miss a single opportunity. She also wants to share her experiences so others can learn from her mistakes and accomplishments. The music community is an open forum. We are all here to help each other to learn and grow; from the youngest to the oldest we each play a role in creating new trends as well as being a student to hone our craft. Taylen has a good grasp on this concept and wants to teach as well as learn.

I asked what kind of influence does she wish to be and she said, “The one thing I really want to impose is to never give up on a dream. There is nothing in your way, but you. I chased my dream when people said it would not happen, but I kept moving forward, and slowly things are starting to happen for me. So Know in your heart who you want to be and that only you can make your future”.

Well, those are some pretty powerful words, ones we can all benefit from no matter what stage of life we are living.

She is currently keeping herself busy in her community in Australia and hopes to broaden that scope to the world. She proudly takes one step and a time because she has learned at an early age that there are no steps too small and every inch forward is an inch closer to accomplishing her goals. She has high aspirations and will continue to reach for higher heights. The sky is the limit and I see no slowing down any time soon.

We can all learn a lot from this young girl. She is out there living the dream and wants to take us all along for the ride.

I asked if she had any advice for our readers and she said, “The best advice I can give is to not give up. There are so many opportunities out there but they will not come to you, you need to go and take what is yours and only you define what that may be. Never listen to people putting you down because of your dream. The only thing that matters is you, and what you want. When following a dream tough decisions will have to be made. But when you have the ambition and support from people who love you, then your dream is never impossible”.

Taylen is a class of her own. She is coming on strong and singing her way to the top. Keep your eyes on the horizon for her, she has big dreams and will not stop until they all come true.


Rebecca Hosking – hoskingrebecca@gmail.com

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