“My desire is to continue praising God with my music and to share it with as many people as I can” -Dynamomin. Dynamomin ranges from rock to jazz to pop, all throughout music of faith. His goal is to “represent the love of Jesus” and he sat down with Skope via email to shed some light on his views and 1st cd release.

Skope: Why dont we start here: How long have you been into christian music and how did you come to it?

Dynamomin: Over 15 years and it has been a slow but steady development to where I am at today.

Skope: What are some key differences between christian music and secular music?

Dynamomin: The message takes the forefront –   In Christian music you want it to be clear and not muffled.

Skope: What are some key similarities?

Dynamomin: Well music is a total package.   You do not want to do a haphazard job with the musical part just for the message.   You have to capture people with the musical part and the hook (so to speak) because if you fail to do that they will not hear your message.   So in both christian music and secular music, the artistic part is extremely important, and using learned and developed techniques to gain the attention of your audience is essential.

[youtube s2XLoEAN2Nc]

Skope: Can christian music be enjoyed by everyone?

Dynamomin: Absolutely.   I have fans on both sides of the fence.   That’s why a you should strive for your music to be a first class masterpiece, whether secular or christian, because even though the message is important, you NEVER want to sacrifice the art.   The quality has to be there, because that is what gets anyone to take notice, and enjoy your music, and if people do not enjoy it, they will get little to nothing from it; and maybe even turn it off before it is finished.

Skope: who are some of your influences artistically? spiritually?

Dynamomin: OK we will begin with artistically.   I have to go back to my high school years, even before I became a Christian, and say Carlos Santana.   I love that Latino-Rock mix, and the christian artist counterparts have to be Leon Patillo (who started out with Santana) and a group called Salvador.   Now for my jazz influence, which certainly has to be Ramsey Lewis.   When I was younger I had my fill of rock concerts, but there was a small jazz club (I forget the name) in Hermosa Beach CA that a friend introduced me to that I ended up going to often.   Today, I have to say that the group Mercy Me really stands out in the crowd.   I love how they are able to mix both the soft with the driving rock music into something beautiful.   I also have been influenced by DC Talk with their fusion of multiple genres with their rap, and I love how their music became more and more polished with each of their albums, but they never lost their heart.   I can go on and on with songs and artists that have been an influence to me, but that would take entirely too long.

Lets move on to the Spiritual influence.   With that I have to say gospel music has had a huge influence on my music, with artists like Edwin Hawkins and Andre Crouch, etc.   Their strong beats along with the clear, unwavering gospel message of Jesus, through their songs, is absolutely powerful.   It just brings you to the very throne of God.   Again I have to include Mercy Me, along with the Newsboys and Jesus Culture; who, combined with their musical excellence, possess a powerful ability to usher you into the very presence of God, and I see that as a perfect combination of the artistic and the spiritual.   This list is not exhaustive, but they are the artists who currently come to mind.

I do also have to say that the influence I get from other artists will be ever-changing as I am always engaging with new music and artists who are talented and have a love for God.

-Dynamonin’s release is available through most outlets as well as here: http://dynamomin.com

By: Nikki Wax

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