As DubbleOO continues to build towards the online release of his latest mixtape Beast Mode, Vol. 2, an effort that will precede his own sophomore solo album, in addition to a joint album with Bay Area rapper The Jacka, he’s today giving fans the chance to check out the video for “The World We Live In,” pulled from his recent Beast Mode, Vol. 1 mixtape.

The track, which comes across as some of DubbleOO’s most heartfelt work to date, was inspired after a show in Seattle, when a string of homeless children, none over the age of 16, walked past the front of the venue, where DubbleOO was standing. “I just remember looking at them and thinking, What’s going on?” says the Pacific Northwest-bred rapper, who splits his time evenly between Portland and the Bay. “In the van on the way to the next show, I just sat in the back, letting my emotions flow onto paper – no restraints; just raw emotion.”

[youtube MjUO3AH8U4k]


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