British singer-songwriter Bobby Long is adding ‘author’ to his list of descriptive hyphenates with the publication of his first collection of poetry entitled LOSING MY BROTHERHOOD. The book is published by SGO Music Publishing and will be available via amazon and other publishing retailers.
Long began compiling the volume last year while touring in support of his debut album, A WINTER TALE. “I was on the road for four months straight, basically in the back of a van, and I got sick of playing with my phone and playing with my laptop, and I decided to go for it fully,” he says. “I would write every morning, and then go for coffee for a break, and I took a really disciplined stance to it. When I got home, sometimes I wouldn’t leave my apartment all day and just write. The discipline aspect allowed me to separate the poems from my music.”

The provocative collection delves into various universal themes, among them love, desire and disappointment with a healthy dose of memory and reflection. The title stems from Long’s realization of what he left behind when he abruptly moved from London to New York to pursue his music career in 2010. “I left my family and my friends, and I just went and didn’t really say good-bye to anyone,” he recalls. “‘Losing My Brotherhood’ refers to a specific group of three close friends who I lived with in London for four years and shared everything with, and who I don’t get a chance to see anymore. We were like brothers, but I know that time is now over. It’s a tribute, really.”

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