Bonnaroo and YouTube are excited to announce Bonnaroo365, ( Set to launch on May 7, 2012, Bonnaroo 365 will take the approach of the festival that Rolling Stone named as “one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll” and evolve it from an annual terrestrial event into a digital entertainment destination. Themed around the pursuit of “Good Stuff,” the literal meaning of Bonnaroo, the channel will feature talent-driven episodic originals, daily comedy and music programming as well as an archive of legendary festival performances. All of it curated and produced by the Bonnaroo producers.

“Bonnaroo has always been about much more than four days on the farm in Manchester, TN,” said festival co-founder Jonathan Mayers.   “Our fans are virtually together all year long. We not only want to give our core community a great entertainment destination, but we want to reach the audience out there that thinks like us, but perhaps can’t always make the trip each June.”

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