Francis Bowie, EP

Francis Bowie is a unique Danish artist. His latest release consists of four powerful uplifting tunes. I say uplifting, but there is a twist. He seems to have a knack for singing about breaking up and hurting and then colors those emotions with melodic bouncing beats. Bowie is not only an artist but an entertainer that does not stop until he knows you have been musically satisfied.

He has an interesting way of how he approaches each song. Lyrically it is concise and gets right to the point. The track, “Wasting My Time”, is a perfect example of his succinct abilities. He lays the story out like a movie and the music rolls over the tale creating a nice neat package.

The grooves are haunting and engaging. He has created quite a specific sound for himself. The words are informative and provocative and the music gives a new vibe to sometimes intense emotions. You walk away feeling uplifted with an uncontrollable urge to smile.

The production was spot on for the music it is supporting. He has clear vocals, pulsing beats and visual lyrics. You would think the prosody does not work as the subject matter seems intense and somber. But the music lifts you to soaring heights and it works perfectly. Nice job, clever to say the least.

Frances Bowie is new on the scene but certainly is making waves in every respect. Do yourself a favor, get his latest EP and be treated to about 20 minutes of escaping the real world.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 4/5]

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