There are literally hundreds of thousands of singer-songwriters plying their craft around the world every day. In an oft-saturated market, what can one do to set themselves apart from the hordes?

David Ward has an idea: push the boundaries that singer-songwriters are often boxed into. He’s manifested this idea with The Arrival, a three-part EP, each exploring a different genre and theme. Not content to simply release one full-length, each EP showcases the Vancouver artist’s unique soul-driven sound while also weighing in on different aspects of an arrival.

It’s Ward’s attempt to give his patient, growing voice a pair of wings, and he does it so incredibly well. The Arrival displays David Ward as a singer-songwriter heavy in groove and harmony who refuses to let genres confine his approach.

For music and more info please visit: www.davidwardmusic.com
To stream all 3 EPs go here: http://davidwardmusic.bandcamp.com

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