Warm Weather came together much like kids on Christmas morning — they were so excited about making music that they couldn’t wait for a studio session or even proper equipment. While still en route to their new Hollywood home, the three recent college grads plugged in a Yamaha synthesizer into a cassette deck, whipped out a guitar, and started creating on the road.

Download Warm Weather’s “So Far/Vertigo” here: http://media.audibletreats.com/Warm_Weather-So_Far_Vertigo.mp3

That road trip not only established Warm Weather as a band, but also produced the material that the boys used for their first EP, Dances, which was released last June. After garnering collectively high praise for Dances, Justin Lerman, Ryan Pollie, and Brendan Lynch-Salamon digitally released their follow-up EP, Looking Through, in January 2012. Now, the trio is embarking on another road trip, this time for their first east coast tour, which begins this May.


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