Producer and musician Cameron Argon’s alter-ego, solo underground death metal project DISFIGURING THE GODDESS, is set to release a brand new album entitled Sleeper on April 24th, 2012. Within the last few years, despite never performing live, DISFIGURING THE GODDESS has become a recognized name in the metal community amongst young fans and industry elites alike due to an impressive viral and word-of-mouth buzz about the project. Not only known as the brain behind the project, 21-year-old Argon performs the entire EP on his own. Cameron Argon is better known by his other moniker, Big Chocolate. Though also heralded for his work as a producer and EDM artist, he has risen as a respected figure in the metal scene based on his notable work with DISFIGURING THE GODDESS.

Churning amongst a sea of similarities as brutal death metal and deathcore bands are spawned by the minute, DISFIGURING THE GODDESS’ Sleeper adds a spin to the mix–emerging as impressive seven track skull-crusher of a record with a unique twist. Metal fans everywhere will be turning their heads away from the monotony and revering the name DISFIGURING THE GODDESS in 2012.


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