Although Since Monroe sounds like an incredible film about the glamorous Marilyn Monroe and the legacy she’s left behind, it’s actually the name of the latest indie rockers from Birmingham, who are making waves with their awesome compilation of tremor tracks of terrific proportions.   The band have infused an incredible amount of eclectic musical skills and talent to create indie rock that’s sure to send sonic shockwaves bursting through speakers near you soon.   The indie scene has become a bit varied over the last few years, but Since Monroe are a force that puts the essence of indie back into a genre we all love, in one way or another.

Starting back in March 2011, Andy Clifford and James Bradley had a musical vision to write music that was simple, catchy, riff driven and would reach out to a mass audience.   Taking influences from their favourite bands from Foo Fighters and Weezer, to Nirvana and Nine Black Alps, in the short time since there first jam session, Since Monroe‘s success has snowballed. With the addition of Rich and Matt Tregortha, Since Monroe in its current form was born.   Through radio and the internet, Since Monroe‘s songs have been picking up accolades along the way (Track of the Week on Amazing FM’s Rock Show and Band of the Week on Noize Level Critical).

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