Indie folk duo Martha’s Trouble (Rob and Jen Slocumb) has completed its album of lullabies for children.   Set for release on May 8, 2012 (just in time for Mother’s Day!), the album is entitled “A Little Heart Like You.”   Featuring 10 songs (see full track listing below), the album includes four original songs, four traditional songs, one “mash-up” (of “You Are So Beautiful” and Brahm’s Lullaby,” dubbed “Slocumb’s Lullaby”), and one song that includes three bedtime prayers put to music.   Also to be featured in the package alongside the lyrics will be custom illustrations from Vickey Wheeler (an artist based in Birmingham, AL) to create a piece that melds music and art together that is visually enjoyable for kids (and parents too).   Produced by Chris Rosser (who also played on the album) and Martha’s Trouble, the album was recorded in both Asheville, NC and Auburn, AL.   The duo created a very organic, acoustic record, utilizing soothing, calming instruments and repetitive beats (with only hand percussion such as djembe, cajon, kanjira, and frame drum) for a sound that is both feel-good and relaxing.
“There are a lot of great lullabies out there that have been around for years that people just don’t know about anymore,” says Jen Slocumb, half of the husband-and-wife group.   “It’s kind of like a lost art form to me.   It’s something that’s been overlooked, and it’s been around for centuries – parents singing to their kids.   We wanted to bring back lullabies and create something beautiful and relaxing to listen to.   After we decided to do this CD, I’ve had a lot parents say to me, ‘I’m so glad you are doing this because when I put my kids to sleep, I don’t know what to sing to them.’”

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