Cutting Edge, Goliath

The Cutting Edge locomotive is pushing full steam ahead and this time they come strong with a “Goliath” effort.   With how busy the Cutting Edge Express has been lately, it is no surprise to me that they would release such a GIANT number.   The live version of “Goliath” has so much energy that it will make your head spin!   The original recording was written by Liza Pesnell and William Zimmerman and the song features lead singer Dave Pesnell belting out the goods.   The lyrics will definitely speak to you as well focusing on a certain BIG government that is surely not “for the people” anymore.   You will hear lines like: “He doesn’t care if he doesn’t play fair.   He likes to show that he is strong; doesn’t matter if he’s wrong”.   These statements would indicate that the BIG ‘n’ BAD government likes to bully YOU around whether YOU like or not because THEY can!   I also find it very interesting that CE would play off of the word “He” as it would pertain to the government in this case.   So why use “He” Cutting Edge?   I’m dying to know and I’m sure the entire Skope audience would love to find this out as well.  

The track rocks hard and you can guarantee that the almighty guitar presence is in full effect here. Additionally, you will hear excellent background vocals along with some solid backup musicians that add cool flavor to the whole Cutting Edge mix.   Cutting Edge is one of the most original bands out there and “Goliath” should prove to be a smash hit for the talented group.

“Goliath” is already receiving airplay at many radio stations which is much deserved for the eclectic bunch known as none other than Cutting Edge.   Here is what people are saying: Kathryn Sebanc with Music Registry of stated that “Goliath is reviving classic rock” and also that Cutting Edge is “an example of incredible talent and individual sound” & that they are “truly legends in the making”.   Bruce Gordan at WLIV said “Cutting Edge brings classic rock back with a whole new twist!” and Kelly Gray at KROC mentioned that “Goliath is that monster that won’t stop rockin’”.   Don’t miss out on your chance to hear “Goliath” for yourselves because the hype is real and you can believe that my friends.   For more on Cutting Edge and their latest installment SKOPE out  

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[Rating: 5/5]

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