Planetary Nights, Today Aint Too Late

RJ McSweeny, singer songwriter of Planetary Nights, has released his second studio album, Today Ain’t Too Late — a fourteen track hard rock album infused with a twinge of country, a dash of blues, and a whole lotta soul. McSweeny brings together quite a roster of talent in the making of this album too. Eric “Roscoe” Ambel produced and contributed his renowned guitar expertise, Kelley Looney (Steve Earle) on bass, keys by Rob Arthur (Peter Frampton), Phil Cimino (Chris Barron) on drums, and not to neglect — the smooth but powerful vocal backings of Mary Lee Kortes, Elaine Caswell, Nicki Richards and Dorie Colangelo.

The album is a true showcase for McSweeny’s range of talent. The album commences with Ember, a catchy track featuring a voice soft and clear. Ember crescendo’s into the second and title track, Today Aint too Late, which has a country feel — the upbeat rhythm has a twang to it and McSweeny’s voice becomes coarse and low. Harmony, the third track, marks a shift in tune from the ballads preceeding it. Harmony is catchy still but soft, if not but to prepare you for the raw acoustics of the fourth track, Ghosts in My Mind — McSweeny stripped down, acoustic, and with solid guitar work. As yous tart to fall into the lull of the rhythmic guitar and McSweeny’s rough and emotive lyrics, he switches it up yet again. The fifth track, Mocha Jeydene, not only features lightened, fun lyrics but is thickened with a bold brass section and soulful female vocals in the back. Other notable tracks in the album include “Evangeline” for its solid composition and catchy chorus as well “The Breeze” for its different tune and quality guitar work. McSweeny’s duet with Dorie Colangelo on the eighth track “Rollin On Again” is also a notably different and thoughtful piece demanding a second listen.

Today Aint Too Late is a solid rock album from start to finish exhibiting a range in musicianship, tonality, and depth. McSweeny infuses classic Americana rock with a variety of genres, pushes his vocal range, and yet succeeds in composing a truly balanced piece of work. The album was released on February 7th, and has already received major network attention — absolutely worth a listen. McSweeny oftens plays around New York City so definitely seek out a live gig if you are in the area. And no matter where you are, you can check out more at

Review by Marion Bradford –

[Rating: 4/5]

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