Cutting Edge, RELEASED… LIVE!

Are you ready for the best thing since sliced bread???   Well then, you’re in luck my friends because Cutting Edge is their name and ‘RELEASED… LIVE’ is the album that will electrify audiences everywhere!   Seriously, if you dig live recordings then this one is definitely for you.   In my opinion, this record is right up there at the top of my list for one of the best live albums I’ve ever heard!   From start to finish, you know right away that Cutting Edge was specifically designed to perform live ‘n’ exciting music for thousands of screaming fans.   All 14 tracks display a crazy amount of energy where the fans are totally into it and Cutting Edge is feelin’ it.   The overall excitement that surrounds the band and the people is really something special to hear.   ‘RELEASED… LIVE’ is an in-your-face rock party CE style that will leave the listeners in amazement.   Cutting Edge is one of the most eclectic groups out there amongst Major & Indie acts.  

The lead vocals will grab you with meaningful & catchy lyrics while you will also witness smokin’ hot guitar playing/solos, powerful drumming, excellent backup singers along with some cool horn parts thrown in.   You might also like the politically-driven songs where the Cutting Edge views are addressed in a cool ‘n’ direct manner.   This kind of material is much needed for today’s world and CE says it best on “Abuse of Power” where they sing “Do we have a justice system?…It’s time to find a solution”.   Great question to bring up and an answer is surely in desperate need…don’t ya think?  

I couldn’t help but move to the exhilarating, live sets on ‘RELEASED… LIVE’ where the music will just take over your body.   You’ll hear the epic chart topper “Your Love Is My Oxygen” and the fan favorite “Love Police” that is sure to drive you wild along with many other CE rockers.   Cutting Edge is simply on fire and this new release proves it.   Ain’t no party like a Cutting Edge party cause a Cutting Edge party don’t stop!   You heard it here, if you’re looking for one of the best live bands on the planet and one of the best live albums around then Cutting Edge, ‘RELEASED… LIVE’ is your ticket!   And as Cutting Edge says on one of their songs “Let Your Body Rock…let your body roll” because only REO Speedwagon knows that I “Can’t Fight This Feeling”any longer.   The Cutting Edge spell has got a hold of me and it won’t let go!   For more on Cutting Edge and to purchase the album, SKOPE out  

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[Rating: 5/5]

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