Ted Watts is the front man for the band, The Love Load. He is currently promoting their latest release, “The Human Resourceful”. It is a concept album about human adaptation for survival and rebirth. Sounds pretty intense does it? Well it is a rocker and worthy of a listen.Ted started in the music business as a bass player for numerous bands. As his career progressed he soon started feeling a bit marginalized being the back up guy. He was continuously fighting to get one or two of his own songs played in a band he usually didn’t believe in to start with.

He met a guy name Ben Azzara, which was a well known drummer in the DC area. These two guys hit it off right away. Ben was relocated out of DC to take care of some business in New York. Ted would visit on weekends and they started recording and jamming and creating a new sound. They eventually hooked up with an engineer named Blaine Misner who heard their work and started showing some interest. Soon The Love Load was born.

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Ted said, “The Human Resourceful was a cathartic CD for me. I think the subject matter that I was dealing with at the time personally was the inspiration behind the songs. The second thing about it was this was my chance to take control. It was my record, it had my signature on it and was done my way. I was kind of shocked after the fact, thinking why the hell did I not do this sooner? Maybe lack of confidence, or self esteem, who knows? This album sort of established me as a songwriter, instead of me being drowned out by someone else. It’s a personal record from a compositional stand point as well as amazing that I even did it at all.”

The Love Load as a band is rock n roll at its finest. Ted said he is not impressed with a lot of the   music we are exposed to in recent years and wanted to put out something that rocked. He was looking for a kind of seventies vibe. He reminisced about the days of the past when you had rocking bands with a distinctive sound. When you heard Led Zeppelin you knew you were listening to Robert Plant, or Queen you knew who Freddie Mercury was or The Who etc. He misses the days when rock was rock. That was the passion that drove this project and the creed this band hopes to live by to keep moving forward.

I asked him what was his main focus at this point and he said, “Very selfishly to produce music that we like, that is good quality rock albums. At my age I don’t really have that rock star fantasy. I don’t think I’d really want to tour nonstop and be a slave to a record company. We only want to put something out into the world that we feel passionate about.”

The band is now currently working on there next album, yes I said, album. It is a 4 song EP that will be released on vinyl. Talkin’ about keeping that seventies vibe alive. I’m all about the vinyl, so I’m really looking forward to that one; I can hardly wait. It will also be available on ITunes and CDbaby and all the other fun digital devices this generation has grown accustomed to using.

The Love Load is a band with passion and drive. They are on a mission to show the world what they deem to be real ROCK. They appreciate their loyal fans and ask you to follow them online and share the love with all your friends.

In Ted’s own words, “Once we finish the orgasm of actually making the record and all is said and done, it is made for the folks who are looking for some good rock n roll music. We make it for the listeners.”

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the ride!  

Rebecca Hosking –

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