From Sofia/Bulgaria comes Donnie Donkov a talented man who began writing songs since he was very young.   Over time he learned to play classical and electric guitar, piano, drums, bass and flute and studied at the University for three years.     He tried being in a band with some friends but prefers not to sings his own songs.     “None of them are professionally recorded, but even so, I believe that they sound nice.   through exploring everydy new bands, new songs and new styles, I understood the richness of the music so I continue to write all the time”, says Donnie.  

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Who were your early inspirations?
Each one of my songs is inspired by a significant event in my life, music band or by a person — a girlfriend, friend of mine or even by a member in my family. Because of this reason I can’t determine exactly, what was the inspiration of my first songs and music. The songs, which I have liked and inspired me at an early age, are all from different music styles, because of the fact that I have went through many different stages of structuring my music preferences towards the different styles. Some of those songs are Bulgarian hits, which are not world-known, but they were very influential for my development as a composer. ‘The Doors’ and ‘The Beatles’ were classic, they have inspired many generations and musicians. ‘U2’ also had a big impact on my music.              
How do you classify your music?
My music is serious, through which I am trying to send a message to the people and their inner thoughts and feelings. I have always admired ‘Pink Floyd’ due to the fact that their music style can’t be exactly determined — their songs are only one of their kind and unique. A lot of people have asked me this question – how do I classify my music and what is my music style. I am always answering I don’t like to limit myself to a particular gender of music. The classification of my music could be done only by people who like and who doesn’t like certain songs of mine. I can say for sure that is not productive for any composer to put restrictions and to limit his music only to a certain style.    
What do you want listeners to get from your music?
For me are very important the feelings, which my music stimulates into everyone and the legacy which I want to pass to the audience from all generations. When I was young I have discovered what an impact the ‘The Doors’ music had on the audience, in that moment my desire was to influence people as they did.

I want to believe that I would contribute for the moral development of the people through a serious and deep music, which also could be a way to remember and save some of the lost memories from the past. I would like to influence people the way I was influenced from songs by great performers such as ‘Led Zeppelin’.

Tell me about any CDs you have and any projects in the works?
Unfortunately I don’t have a band right now, with which to record my pieces. The music which I have recorded, I recoded with my own efforts at home, because I don’t have the possibility to make a professional recordings in a studio with a professional musicians. Everything that I have recorded I am uploading on the Internet. I haven’t found anyone to produce my music, but nevertheless I am working on 10 new songs and instrumentals. I don’t like to sing my own songs and that is why I am working currently with the singer Viara Ivanova, who is singing my songs.      

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Tell me about yourself a little.
Since I can remember, I loved music I got inspired from it and expressed myself with it. All my life was music. Maybe I was 10 or something I liked the late 80’s and the early 90’s most popular hits. I began from pop, rap, Bulgarian music and soft rock. Later on, in my life, my interest in music moved to hard rock, metal, punk, jazz classical and movie music and then I have realized that maybe I can try to write something on my own because I lived with music all the time and it was the thing that mattered the most to me. I wrote my first song in 1996. That’s how I found a way to express myself through music. Then my friends liked the songs so I decided to go on writing. I felt from that like never before and I realized this is my calling.
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