Many musicians have it, but most don’t have “it”– that being the celebrity wow factor to leap from acclaimed musician to certified media star. That crossover appeal is driving the rapid rise of T.O.N.E-z, the Emmy-nominated rapper generating the sort of buzz that lifted the profiles of predecessors like ICE-T and Will Smith. And now primetime television viewers will get a glimpse of this incredibly versatile artist through his appearance on the 3rd season of the hit FX series, *Justified*.

“I had an amazing time. The whole cast and crew are the best people to work with and the “koolest” people… period!” T.O.N.E-z says of his experience on the set.

T.O.N.E-z plays a character named “Barnes,” one of Mykelti Williamson’s bad guys, in the 4th episode of the series and worked alongside many acclaimed actors including Timothy Olyphant.

Having penned the Emmy nominated theme song, “Long Hard Times to Come,” for the hit FX series, T.O.N.E-z started to become a household name. And when the *Justified Season 1 Box Set* featuring the video for “Long Hard Times To Come” sold over 1,000,000 units (so far), his claim to fame was stamped in pure platinum.


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