Lisa Bianco, Momentum

As mentioned in previous reviews, New York is a city of many things and that has something that everyday marvel their citizens and foreigners. And there’s no doubt that when it comes to movies and music, it’s a really special place, where many great music and musicians born.

In this little big state we found Lisa Bianco, one great example of the talent and one proof of all that is in her latest album Momentum filled with catchy, energetic, fun riffs and melodies in every track from the first single to the last one. Recalling and influenced amazing acts such as Blondie, REM, and The Bangles that totally make her music somehow interesting to the human’s ears and really pleasant even on the punk type tracks.

Great example of this mentioned before are “No Doubt About it”, with a kinda pop/punk vibe, fun and obviously catchy sound that surely will kick you off your sit and get you dancing and singing along with it; then there’s “Low” which is more a little bit dark, rocking sound that provoke an almost opposite emotion to the first example and while still is enjoyable, it’s more a “sit and listen” track.

Lyrically songs go from personal stories and experiences to Christmas themes making it appropriate don’t matter what time of the year we are.

In conclusion, this girl worth the time listening over and over, it has that something mainstream; but indie at the same time. Head now to and listen, just listen and enjoy the day, learn new things and rock on!

By RJ Frometa –

[Rating: 5/5]

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