In today’s turbulent market many things are beginning to look risky regardless what industry you enter into. Especially the music industry which has made a “360” in terms of distribution and the role that labels take. The introduction of everything digital has sliced into the industry with a double edged sword. Compact discs as we know them will soon be obsolete as the cassettes and vinyl’s have years ago. With this being a fact it is difficult for the recording artist to make a living on selling downloads on iTunes.

The recording artists need to become versatile and find other ways to develop themselves and market their talents. One such artist is ESSSENCE an embodiment of class, sex appeal and outstanding talent. She hails from the tough streets of Brooklyn where she learned the harsh realities of life and how it shapes an individual.

Within her home her mother always saw the pure talent in her and inspired her to pursue it. At first her mom enrolled her in an acting/ballet class at the age of four. When she was around 6 years old her father had passed away and she was unaware that her father was involved in music. She found this out when she was older. At the age of seven she began writing lyrics and dreaming up ideas for songs. Her songwriting skills will soon be evident in years to come.

ESSSENCE went on to record in a studio and produce her own demo while in her pre-teens. She went ahead and attended Lafayette High School in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn where she was the Captain of the cheerleading squad. She then took on the role of choreographer.   Her energetic style and her captivating performance earned her the honor of sharing the stage with A-list artists like Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes Shabba Ranks and Shaggy. One of her major shows was the “All Female Reggae World Tour” which helped her on making her mark.

The crowds reaction during her performance at the DEF Jam show made her realize her true potential and she became more driven then ever before. At this point of her life she was on her way to complete her Academic studies at Lincoln University. But she soon transferred to Brooklyn College where she Majored in Business and Accounting. She took a hiatus from the music industry but she soon was reeled into it again.

ESSSENCE was approached by individual managers but they proved not to be what they said they would be. She focused on developing herself with her on-stage performances. This drive led her to appear on “The Good Morning America Show”, “The VIBE Magazine’s Fashion Show, JRG Fashion “Show Bikini Under the Bridge”, “Ladies Night” at the Brooklyn Museum and KTU’s Beatstock where she put on an A-list performance.

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She has dazzled the crowds with her unique sound which she coins as “TWINE” which is a mix Dancehall, Soca, Reggae, Rock, Jazz, House, R&B and Hip Hop. Currently, she has a stable of great tracks like “Cock It Up”, “On The Road”, “Nasty Wine”, “Waistline”, “Turn It Up” and others. Her talents have been recognized worldwide as she even performed overseas in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. ESSSENCE gained a Latin fan base when she was featured on the Frito Lay float at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in 2008 and 2010. It was kind of ironic since ESSSENCE has Spanish blood running through her veins. She is also of Venezuelan origin.

Besides her performances she has also appeared on MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio and took the stage at CBGB’s right before its closure. Her accomplishments earned her an award at the Continental Academy Awards for “Best Upcoming International Artist”. Most recently she earned the award for “Best New Female Artist” at” The International West Indian Music Awards” which was held at Webster Hall in Manhattan.
She has also recently completed a video shot for her track “Cock It Up” which she plans to release along with “Nasty Wine.” In a few weeks she is scheduled to travel to Miami for a photo shoot. ESSSENCE’s inspiration would be Madonna.

“She is bold and always makes a statement. The way she works the crowd and her dancing skills have helped me develop many ideas. But other Artists have inspired me as well like Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga and others.”

One of her favorite songs that she performed was “Show Me What You Got” which she showcased on “Good Morning America”.   ESSSENCE admitted that Diane Sawyer was dancing and moving to the song. It was a great honor for her.   In addition, to her passion for music she also has a strong desire to give back to her community. She has not only donated her time but has organized charitable projects on her own.

“What little I have I attempt to give back whether it is to homeless shelters or to kids all over Brooklyn.”

Besides all her musical accomplishments she also started the exciting and new Showtime Basketball Team, the New York Triple SSS All-Stars. It is the only basketball team, with competitive as well as show time players. She is the first woman to own a Showtime basketball team. It features celebrity players like “The Finisher”, “A-Mazing”, “Pat the Roc”, “Roc-It”, “Magician”, “Smooth”, “Chicken”, “Showboat” and 7’5′ “Tiny”. She is the CEO/President of Triple SSS Entertainment.

Appearing on programs associated with Nike, ESPN, AND1, Olympic Team, Rucker Park, and various charity events within the United States and all over the world they have made a huge statement. This unique combination to the Basketball Industry will take on global proportions.

Triple SSS Entertainment also offers Triple SSS Talents, which features classy and sophisticated male and female models of all genres. These models are featured in photo shoots, video shoots, promotional purposes, and red carpet events.

Her idea to help the needy was born with the formation of a company entitled eSSSential Needs, LLC. The company was formed with the sole purpose to aide those most in need. The “SSS” in the company name stands for “Support Someone Special”. She typically loads up her own van and goes out to feed the less fortunate and donate her time and talents to children who live in shelters all around the borough of Brooklyn.   ESSSENCE is always looking to expand on her talents whether it is in film, modeling or in music.

Currently, she has embarked on some new projects like the Heal-thy-World concert which will be produced by Triple SSS Entertainment. An upcoming TV show on NBC entitled Spring 2011 Billionaires Row 5th Ave.   Furthermore she is involved with film financing for motion movies and International trading.

She is always on the go and hoping to be signed soon or find a proven manager. In the meantime, ESSSENCE will keep placing herself out there and continue to open new doors. She is the epitome of true ESSSENCE. To learn more about ESSSENCE check out her website: www.triplesssentertainment.com / facebook page: www.facebook.com/esssence.

By: Nick Christophers – nickchristophers@rocketmail.com

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