The Fairchilds, Our Revolution

The Fairchilds is a one man band consisting of Cyril Niccolai. He is a multi-instrumentalist oozing with musical vision. This Debut CD, “Our Revolution” is a definite head turner.

It is not only outstanding music it is a movement. Niccolai has a knack for driving a point home through lyrical content and alluring music. The rockin’ tunes feel rebellious, with a cause, and display unwavering strength with its wisdom. Instrumentally the songs demand you to stand up and take action. You can’t listen to this and sit still; absolutely impossible. As a songwriter he has the full package. He knows how to tell a story on a universal level that sucks you into his world. I’m here to tell you, his world is a very cool place to be.

Then he’ll sneak in some haunting ballads that make you want to cry and then make you feel so uplifted you would think he just took you to church. My favorite song is, “Unbreakable” for that very reason. He puts you in the moment where you know what it feels to be broken but then he picks you up and shows you a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Fairchilds ability to evoke emotions is uncanny. It is as if the music itself is a needle and thread connecting each word, creating one entity. The work on “Our Revolution” is a musical masterpiece. The fact that it was created by one person is mind blowing.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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