A Lot Like Birds, Conversation Piece


California’s A Lot Like Birds Conversation Piece is absolutely amazing, catchy and aggresive.

Recalling bands such as Dance Gavin Dance, Saosin and sometimes Circa Survive, every song is brutally awesomeanic. Every track is filled with fast guitars, drums and pretty much everything eventually becoming slower to accelerate once again, all this filled with brutals screamo and high pitch vocals. So for all those who enjoy unstable music, you might be delighted immediately with this record. Songs such as “Orange Time Machines Care”, “Vanity’s Fair” and “Think Dirty Out Loud”, just to really name a few tracks in this album, corrobates perfectly my words. They are all intense, dramatically and makes you loose control in seconds.

However, we then found “The Blowtorch Is Applied To The Sugar”, “Truly Random Code”, “A Satire Of A Satire Of A Satire…” and “Tantrum” we can say are the more “relaxing”, so to speak, in the whole album.

In conclusion, there’s plenty A LOT for few tastes here. If you enjoy listening those previous band named, then you would totally be into this in minutes. Anyways, go now to http://www.facebook.com/ALotLikeBirds, look for their songs, give a chance, and fingers crossed you find a new sick band. Don’t forget if you do, to buy get a copy of Conversation Piece, trust me you would not regret.

RJ Frometa rjfrometa@hotmail.com

[Rating: 5/5]

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