Turbotronics, Love Slave

Turbotronics’ debut CD, Love Slave is novelty music with an edge. This band is not afraid to tell you like it is and throw a few stories in there to drive their point home. They have an, “in your face” attitude backed by great production and musicianship.

The guitars scream, the drums pound as the sound begins to take over your body. From beginning to end Turbotronics knows how to get you going and when your going you simply cannot stop. The sound has the ability to raise your blood pressure, then the lyrical content forces a combustible laughter. I love the comedic balance entwined with raging instrumentals as it builds you up and then brings you safely back down again.

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This is not for the light hearted or anyone under a certain age. But that is what makes it so fun. The no holds barred ramifications of this band’s artistical expression is as entertaining as the music itself. The title track, “Love Slave” is the only song on the entire CD that is mellow and is appropriately placed at the end. Then there is a whole list of songs I’m not sure I can repeat the titles, but if your looking to be thoroughly entertained in an “X” rated way, then throw this CD in your boom box and get ready to rock.

Turbotronics has recently seen great success with their debut efforts collecting an array of awards and acknowledgments. Music like this helps feed your wild side to the point where you can comfortably let your hair down and release your inhibitions. In an era where society seems to be a bit uptight, Turbotronics is here to allow you to let loose with no repercussions.

Rebecca Hosking – hoskingrebecca@gmail.com

[Rating: 4/5]

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