Alia Lorae, The Mad and The Beautiful

Alia Lorae is not only a singer but a visual artistic seductress. Her latest release, “The Mad and The Beautiful” is theatrical as much as it is musical. She has a double CD package that includes a fun spooky video of her song, “Modern Monsters”.

As the calendar inches closer to Halloween Alia is bringing the macabre to us with style and grace as she shares her ghostly tales of bewitching mysticism. Her vocals are ironically angelic with an edgy bite. This CD is unapologetically sinister. The techno beats get your heart pumping and the ghoulish tones keep your adrenaline racing. From beginning to end she successfully allows you to escape from the real world and enter her metaphysical realm.

Alia Lorae is a musical Elvira, she has the sex appeal and uses it to flirt with entertaining horrors. I love the double CD with a video idea. Alia affectively shares her insights as she sings her songs. Each tune takes you to her haunted abode with the aid of her picturesque lyrical detail. You can close your eyes and imagine the scene in your mind so vividly you almost feel her reaching out from the speakers and physically toughing you from behind. But don’t worry, for those who have an imaginative handicap. The video is a tangible mini movie that affectively displays her supernatural fantasies.

Alia Lorae is, “The Mad and The Beautiful”. She is artistically imaginative and visually fascinating. Enter her ghastly chamber of musical haunts and relish the superheated ride. This CD is a walk through a haunted house with out having to leave your home. I thoroughly enjoyed the eerie experience.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 4/5]

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