Once upon a day, the powers that be decided to remove the musical creation we had come to know as FUNK from the record store bins and formats of radio stations worldwide. The primary intent was to completely obliterate the concept of FUNK from our collective consciousness in order to facilitate the control of our thought process and reprogram our minds to their liking. They attempted to exterminate all interference from the forces of those “rebellious Funkateers”. They almost succeeded in crushing the resistance… but… it’s a new day and United Funk Order has arrived to remove all restrictions currently imposed on your memory banks so that you may once again enjoy the groovalicious music your subconscious has been secretly craving for… rockin’ it hard and funkin if slow for ya………

Buy ‘One’: http://www.songcastmusic.com/albums?zoom_query=59076

Currently the world of music seems plagued by large doses of mediocrity and an overall deficiency of truly compelling music…. it seems artists and record companies are often driven by financial considerations as opposed to heartfelt inspiration. Spearheaded by Thulani and Indigo, United Funk Order is on a mission to restore balance to the musical equation. Their existence is proof positive that quality, integrity and musicianship need not be sacrificed for the sake of a dollar.

Currently #1 on Pitt Radio and 6 top 20 songs on www.pittradio.net. United Funk Order theme nominated as top funk song of the year on New Funk Radio-Berlin, German #5 in the Funk Genre on www.indiecharts.com, #1 Zone for August 2011 www.ourstage.com.

www.unitedfunkorder.com / www.unitedfunkorder.net

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