SKOPE Magazine has announced that they will be the lead Sponsor for the upcoming 2012 Cutting Edge Concert Tour. The concert tour by Cutting Edge, who many in the music industry call the ‘most eclectic band’ in the world, is going to begin their concert tour sometime in late April.

Cutting Edge has enjoyed success with several songs that have charted including “Without You”, “Love Police”, “Every Time I Try”, It’s Time”, “Judas of D.C.” and “If The Walls Could Talk”. Cutting Edge currently has two new singles released to radio that are starting to move up the charts; the ballad with dance mixes, “Your Love Is My Oxygen” and the rock song, “She Wore Red”. The band also has a new album out at college radio called “Cutting Edge Goes To College”. The song “Without You” has charted on three separate occasions for the band; in 1999 the song peaked at #20 and then in 2001, it charted a second time reaching #16. This past summer, “Without You” charted a third time hitting #7 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales Charts and #1 for six weeks on the Online Breakout Radio Charts. During two of its six weeks stay at #1 on the Online Breakout Radio Charts, another Cutting Edge song, “If The Walls Could Talk” was #2. Currently, ‘Your Love Is My Oxygen” has entered the charts at #16.

SKOPE Magazine will be covering the concert tour, including individual concert reviews, interviews with local promoters and bands, what happens backstage and in the hotels and traveling between concert dates; giving their readers and Cutting Edge fans an inside look at the concert tour as if they were right there with the band.

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SKOPE Magazine will be working with Cutting Edge in helping the band secure further sponsors for the concert tour with added benefits for the sponsors. With the heavy coverage of the tour being planned by SKOPE Magazine and Cutting Edge, sponsors of the concert tour will not only be receiving publicity at individual concerts, but nationally and internationally since SKOPE Magazine is an international magazine. This gives sponsors a greater reach for their sponsorships that is not offered by other concert tours. The sponsors of the tour will also be mentioned in advertisements (whenever possible) and also in the various SKOPE magazine articles written about the band. Details are also being currently worked out about advertising discounts for sponsors in SKOPE Magazine and other trade offs. Cutting Edge is thrilled, as they also will be receiving exposure on the international level.

In addition, SKOPE Magazine will be selling band merchandise from their website and Cutting Edge is giving SKOPE Magazine the exclusive rights to sell the new dance mix of “Your Love Is My Oxygen” and the single “She Wore Red” on the SKOPE Magazine website at a great discount. Further, the band is in the studio mastering a new live album called “Cutting Edge….Captured ALIVE” that will be for sale only by SKOPE Magazine. The album will be available only through SKOPE Magazine in January.

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David Pesnell and William Zimmerman are extremely excited about the partnership between their band, Cutting Edge and SKOPE Magazine and are looking forward to the band’s concert tour in 2012.

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