Call it punk, call it gangsta or simply call it good business – Independent Label Distribution ( announced today the formation of a new indie record label-run company for physical and digital distribution of some of the best-known independent bands and labels in music today.
Independent Label Distribution (ILD) sprang from a need for solid distribution for independent labels — some in business for more than 30 years – which had been perpetually stiffed, left in the lurch, sold to less than reputable companies or left in ruins by their disreputable distributors. ILD’s goal is to provide quick, efficient service to their customers while providing them with top-sounding and top-selling records at a fair price. Labels Frontier Records, Beer City, and Tribunal Records formed a new business model: a record distributor run by a faction of independent label owners.   Faced with the prospect of being stiffed two times in four years, label vets Lisa Fancher, Mike Beer and Matt Rudzinski, took over their failing distributor in Richmond this summer and rebuilt it from the ground up.

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